9 Best Email Marketing Tools in 2023

A lot of brands and companies today use emails as a primary marketing accessory. Promotional emails, onboarding emails, and others flood our mailboxes way too often. More often than not, the subject line hooks us and intrigues us to explore further. This is the beauty of email marketing. It reaches a large audience and can grab more attention at once. Wish to make the most of email marketing? This article explores the best email marketing tools in 2023 that you need to try.

Top 9 Email Marketing Software

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing comes under the ambit of digital marketing strategies that employ the use of technological tools over the Internet to reach the target audience. A company or brand can either employ manual email marketing techniques or make use of the various email marketing platforms available.

Email marketing helps companies foster better relationships with customers through a variety of emails that serve varying purposes in themselves. Customers that subscribe to the email list of a company receive timely emails during checkouts, deals, sales, offers, cart updates, and more. Companies often employ email automation platforms to do the work for them when any update is required. Here are some important ways in which email marketing achieves several goals at once-

Product/ Service Promotions

More than half of email marketing is meant to promote key products and services of the company. These are regular messages that alert the customer of deals, discounts, and fresh arrivals. It is basically devising an ad copy optimized for emails.

Customer Relationships

Customers are able to experience transparent communication. They receive regular emails regarding cart updates, sales, delivery statuses, and other news. This helps in nurturing healthy customer relationships that help maintain interest.

Updates/ Notifications

Regular updates and notifications also enhance a customer’s experience and boost the trust that they have. This also streamlines delivery processes. Information reaches customers faster, which reaps benefits for the brand.

What Are The Types Of Emails Used For Marketing?

Email marketing is made possible with the help of several types of emails that are targeted toward promotions, updates, notifications, and other purposes. These help in creating a link of communication with the customer as well as helping the brands present themselves in the best way possible.

Promotional Emails

These emails help familiarize the customer with the range of services and products offered by the company. They can also be about one particular product or service or all of them with an interactive carousel or outbound links.

Onboarding Emails

These are sent to customers when they sign up for a platform as a shopper or a subscriber. It welcomes them to the service and walks them through the basics. It also helps them access the query section if need be.

Transaction Emails

These emails are sent out when a customer pays for a service or a product on a company’s website. It confirms the payment made as well as contains further steps, like the delivery status, service status, etc. These can be saved for reference in the future.

Sale/ Offer Emails

When companies/ websites/ brands have certain offers and sales going on, they are bound to send emails to their list of subscribed customers. It informs them of the range of products and services that have offers and discounts on them during a certain period.

Feedback Emails

These emails are especially for customers to leave feedback on a particular service or good after they have bought and used it. Feedback is important for mainstream companies to know the public demand and innovate their services and products in accordance with that.

Trends In Email Marketing

As email marketing becomes the standard and email marketing software gains more demand, there have been certain trends in the area. These are meant to increase visibility, boost interaction, gain public interest, promote automation, and overall support the inclusivity of content.

Mobile Phone Optimization

As mobile phones become handy devices for checking emails, messages, videos, and other things, it is important to optimize the emails to suit the mobile format. Fitting the aspect ratio and designing the email format according to the standard smartphone make it easier for people to access the information conveyed without having to re-open on a bigger screen.


This refers to sending customers extremely personalized emails regarding their subscriptions, cart, purchases, and other aspects. It helps in better one-on-one communication that enables the customer to make faster decisions regarding checkout, shopping, and subscription.

AI-powered Email Marketing

Naturally, as AI reaches all aspects of technology, email marketing is no exception. AI can be a huge help in automating email lists, regular updates, and even giving automated replies. AI-powered email service providers are able to make the most of AI-powered email marketing and give companies the plans they need to boost their marketing prospects.

Email Accessibility

Accessibility is an important concern of modern technology. Email marketing is being innovated into something that can reach even those who cannot make the most of conventional emails. Narrated emails, color contrasts, and alt texts are important to make emails inclusive for those who are differently abled.

Interactive Emails

Lastly, there are interactive emails that reduce the user’s efforts and bring the best of a company’s purposes right into an email. A good example would be clothing brands devising promotional emails that follow the carousel format to let the customer browse products right from the email. This helps the user get access to something they would be interested in without having to go to an outbound link. Companies can additionally use polls, quizzes, and other tools to boost interaction.

9 Best Email Marketing Tools To Get In 2023

Now that you are familiar with how email marketing works and impacts a company, you must know how this is made possible. Here is a compiled list of the best email marketing service providers and tools that are making things easier.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact Logo

Constant Contact is all about creating effective email marketing campaigns that boost your business’s visibility. No matter if you are just starting out or are an advanced marketer, you will love the tools and features of Constant Contact. They make the use of AI optimally to present tools that make reaching out easier and marketing just better in general. Apart from this, they also offer SMS marketing, social media marketing, and marketing automation.


  • Inclusive digital marketing strategies
  • Ease of use
  • No credit card is required to sign up
  • Plans for rookies, generic marketers, and advanced marketers
  • AI-powered tools


  • Lite Plan- Starting at $12 per month, includes basic email marketing, automated welcome email, social marketing, and event management.
  • Standard Plan- Starting at $35 per month, includes everything in lite, A/B testing, email resending, pre-built automation templates, contact segmentation, and social media ads integration.
  • Premium Plan- Starting at $80 per month, includes everything in standard, advanced email marketing, custom automation, search engine optimization, and custom contact segmentation.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign Logo

Active Campaign has the email marketing, social marketing, and CRM tools that you will need in order to boost your business. Equipped with powerful automation, it lets you do the work or leave it to AI as smartly as possible. Make communication easier with messages that are personalized to create a compelling effect on your customers. Automation helps in reducing errors, and Active Campaign claims it can even do what 95% of businesses fail to achieve on their own.


  • Custom Automation
  • Personalized messages, broadcast emails, transactional alerts, and much more
  • Effortless email sending
  • Templates for easy access
  • 14-day trial available
  • Room for improvement and testing
  • Integration Compatibility
  • Protection of email deliverability


  • Plus Plan- Starts at $49 per month for 3 users, includes email marketing, landing pages, Facebook custom audiences and lead ads, API, site & event tracking, and email content generation.
  • Professional Plan- Starts at $149 per month for 5 users, includes everything in plus, predictive spending, split automation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration, Salesforce integration, conversions, accounts, site messages, and attribution reporting.
  • Enterprise Plan- Customizable plan for 10 users, includes everything in professional, custom reporting, custom objects, Uptime SLA, Single Sign-on, HIPAA support, and unlimited email testing.



Getresponse has gained the recognition of leading brands, from Red Bull to Carrefour. Even with this, Getresponse remains one of the most affordable email marketing tools ever. You can gain access to email marketing, website building, marketing automation, and e-commerce marketing services on this platform. If that does not convince you, you can always begin their free trial to know for yourself. The services are focused on lead generation, engagement, and sale boosting, so you can rest assured with everything.


  • Affordable plans
  • Easy setup
  • Automated communication
  • Approved by leading brands
  • Lead generation and business-boosting capabilities


  • Plan 1- 1000 contacts for $19 per month, including an AI email generator, unlimited landing pages, website builder, autoresponders, unlimited newsletters, and basic segmentation.
  • Plan 2- 2.500 contacts for $29 per month, including AI email generator, unlimited landing pages, website builder, autoresponders, unlimited newsletters, and basic segmentation.
  • Plan 3– 5,000 contacts for $54 per month, including an AI email generator, unlimited landing pages, website builder, autoresponders, unlimited newsletters, and basic segmentation.
  • Plan 4– 10,000 contacts for $79 per month, including an AI email generator, unlimited landing pages, website builder, autoresponders, unlimited newsletters, and basic segmentation.
  • Plan 5- 25,000 contacts for $174 per month, including an AI email generator, unlimited landing pages, website builder, autoresponders, unlimited newsletters, and basic segmentation.
  • Plan 6- 50,000 contacts for $299 per month, including an AI email generator, unlimited landing pages, website builder, autoresponders, unlimited newsletters, and basic segmentation.
  • Plan 7- 100,000 contacts for $539 per month, including an AI email generator, unlimited landing pages, website builder, autoresponders, unlimited newsletters, and basic segmentation.



AWeber lets you make the most of your audience through monetization and effective connections. The focus remains on making a lot of emails at once easier and also fun at the same time. With lesser effort, you can drag and drop designs straight from Canva to get work done much faster. The plans make designing affordable and emailing much easier. Even those who do not know how to design email formats can make use of the intuitive panel for designing. With automation, work additionally gets done on time.


  • Result-oriented email marketing
  • Email templates
  • Canva integration
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Domain purchase available
  • Automated welcome, abandoned cart, and other alert emails


  • Lite Plan- For $14.99 per month, includes unlimited subscribers, one email list, 3 landing pages, 3 users, one custom segment, and advanced messaging analytics.
  • Plus Plan- For $29.99 per month, includes unlimited email lists, unlimited landing pages, unlimited email automation, unlimited custom segments, unlimited users, priority support, full template library, and removal of AWeber branding.
  • Unlimited Plan- For $899 per month, includes personalized account management, sales tracking, removal of AWeber branding, advanced analytics, and all the previous unlimited features.



Converkit changes the narrative as one of the few platforms that provide inclusive marketing strategies and plans for creators. As creators take over the internet, Converkit brings specialized marketing tools that can boost their audience remarkably. It also offers free migration from your previous tool or service with its free concierge migration service. Creators around the world trust Converkit for effective marketing. They further use automation to make everything easier.


  • 14-day trial without credit card
  • Automated marketing
  • Specialized for coaches, authors, musicians, and podcasters.
  • Creator-oriented marketing


  • Free Plan- For 300 subscribers, includes unlimited landing pages, forms, broadcasts, audience tagging, selling of digital products, and community support.
  • Creator Plan- For $15 per month, it includes everything from the free plan, creator network, free migration, automated email sequences, visual automation builders, third-party integrations, and one additional team member.
  • Creator Pro Plan- For $29 per month, includes everything in the creator plan, unlimited team members, newsletter referral system, advanced reporting, and subscriber scoring.



Mailchimp is known to be the leading automated Email marketing brand with millions of users that are able to generate impressive revenues on their campaigns. Mailchimp packs a lot of features and everything from automation to easy designing that you will need throughout the process. They also guarantee high deliverability, which enables your emails to be seen by a larger audience. This means that Mailchimp has the expertise of inputting emails right into the inboxes without getting junk-boxed.


  • Industry-leading features
  • Sales-driven campaigns
  • 39x proven ROI
  • Millions of users
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced marketers
  • Developer APIs
  • High deliverability
  • Holistic interface


  • Essentials Plan- For $2.31, get 5,000 monthly sends, 3 user seats, 3 audiences, pre-built email templates, 300+ integrations, forms, and landing pages.
  • Standard Plan- For $3.46, get 6,000 monthly sends, 5 user seats, 5 audiences, 4 roles for access, 200 journey points, custom-coded templates, content optimizer, and dynamic content.
  • Premium Plan- For $69.10, get 150,000 monthly sends, unlimited users and audiences, everything in the standard plan, multivariate testing, comparative reporting, and advanced segmentation.



Sendinblue is now Brevo, a powerful Email marketing automation tool that makes emailing easier. It focuses on boosting your revenue rates and making sure the emails are delivered to inboxes faster. With good customer relationships at their core, Sendinblue helps create successful campaigns that involve appealing email designing as well as good reach. It uses the drag-and-drop feature to let you design stunning emails that catch people’s attention.


  • Boosts customer relationships
  • Wide reach
  • Adaptive campaigns
  • Beautiful email designs
  • Excellent deliverability
  • Free unlimited contacts
  •  Result analysis


  • Starter Plan- For $25 per month, get 20,000 email sends, no daily limit, email support, and basic reporting & analysis.
  • Business Plan- For $65 per month, get everything from the starter plan, marketing automation, A/B testing, multi-user access, send-time optimization, advanced statistics, and phone support.
  • Brevo Plus Plan- For a custom price, get everything in business, enterprise-grade security, advanced integration, tailored onboarding, flexible contract, sub-account management, and personalized support.



Sendpulse is yet another name in the list of email marketing tools that are trusted by top names like TATA, Radisson, PUMA, Samsung, Sofitel, LOT, and many others. Its reliability has gained recognition as a category leader for several awards. It has plans that suit beginner marketers well as well as those who are well versed with these concepts. With plans that include an impressive range of features, Sendpulse has a lot to offer you.


  • Google integration
  • Multichannel marketing and sales tools
  • Increased profits
  • Free landing page builder
  • 3 free chatbots
  • Free CRM


  • Standard Plan- Up to 500 contacts for $6.40 per month, includes unlimited emails, 200 MB image storage, 5 saved segments, 3 landing pages, 100 verifications, full A/B testing suite, and 3 users per account.
  • Pro Plan- Up to 500 contacts for 7.68 per month, including 500 MB image storage, unlimited segments, 300 sender addresses, 10 landing pages, 10 users per account, 1,000 verifications, and unlimited tags
  • Enterprise Plan- Upto 500 contacts for $10.75 per month, includes advanced segmentation options, unlimited flows & events, unlimited landing pages, full A/B testing suite, and unlimited tags.

Hubspot Email Marketing


Hubspot is known for its advanced marketing tools that aspire to make you self-reliant. Be able to create threads of emails and marketing material without professional help, all from the comfort of your computer. Your emails can now get boosted faster with easily accessible tools that streamline most of the work. You are able to wow your customers with impressive designs that resonate with them. Additionally, you also get A/B testing tools at your disposal at all times.


  • Emails tailored for recipients
  • Email boost
  • Easy to use
  • Recipient-focused email designing
  • Appealing designs


  • Starter Plan- Customizable plan/ Pay $20 per month for up to 1,000 marketing contacts, including forms, landing pages, payments, and app support.
  • Starter CRM Suite Plan- Starts at $50 per month and includes Marketing Hub starter, sales hub starter, service hub starter, CMS hub starter, and operations hub starter.
  • Professional Plan- Customizable plan/ Starts at $890 per month, includes everything from starter, omnichannel marketing automation, custom reporting, teams, social media, and campaign reporting.
  • Enterprise Plan- Customizable plan, Starts at $3,600 per month, includes everything from professional, organized teams, custom behavioral alerts, custom objects, multi-touch revenue attribution, and unlimited access to content and data.

Which is the best email marketing tool for 2023?

ToolFeaturesKey Highlights
Constant ContactEasy to useNo credit card is required to sign upIn-built AI-powered toolsBusiness boosting plans and strategies that appeal to marketers at all tiers.
Active CampaignCustomized automation Personalized messages, transactional alerts, broadcast emails, and morePre-defined templatesFree 14-day trialSecure email deliverabilityPowerful automation that streamlines email marketing and employs various types of emails in the process.
GetresponseEasy to install and setupAutomated communicationOffers lead generation and helps in business-boostingAn affordable option that focuses on generating leads while boosting businesses through effective automation.
AWeberResult-oriented email marketingAvailability of pre-defined email templatesCanva integrationAllows domain purchaseStrong emphasis on getting results along with the usage of appealing designs that compel the recipients.
ConverkitFree 14-day trialAutomated marketingAudience growth featuresCreator-oriented marketingSpecialized email marketing tool for creators like authors, musicians, podcasters, and more to get better results and reach
MailchimpSales-driven campaigns39x proven ROIMillions of usersDeveloper APIsHigh deliverabilityA leading marketing solution with proven deliverability and plans for marketers at all stages
SendinblueWide reachAdaptive campaignsBeautiful pre-defined email designsFree unlimited contactsResult analysisProven deliverability in the field with inclusive campaigns and excellent design features.
SendpulseIncreased profitsFree landing page builder3 free chatbotsFree CRMEmail marketing tool with various other features that make reaching out to customers much easier.
Hubspot email marketingCustomized emails for recipientsEmail boostEasy to useAppealing email templatesRecipient-focused email marketing with other marketing tools at hand in all plans

Conclusion – Best Email Marketing Software

Email marketing has reached new heights with the help of the above-mentioned tools, which have not only served local creators and businesses but also worked to maintain the trust of some top names in various industries. This list was meant to walk you through some impressive tools that offer plans which will help you foster better customer relations.

FAQs – About Best Email Marketing Software.

How does email marketing work?

Email marketing refers t regular email alerts to customers so that communication can be made and updates can go through in time.

Why do emails need mobile optimization?

Most emails today are opened on mobiles, which makes the mobile optimization of layout very important for businesses and companies.

What is the best email marketing tool?

There are many appealing tools for email marketing that help everyone, from beginner marketers to advanced marketers, take advantage of optimization. Some of the popular ones are Constant Connect, Active Campaign, Getresponse, AWeber, MailChimp, and Hubspot.

Is MailChimp a good option?

MailChimp is a leading name in email marketing that is able to maintain excellent deliverability, automation features, and the trust of various companies.

How does an email marketing tool help?

An email marketing tool can help you automate the laborious task of keeping in touch with customers. It also helps in creating emails that have high deliverability.

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