10 Best Sales Funnel Software Tools 2023

For a business to grow substantially, it needs to lead. These leads are essential as it has the potential to turn into sales. An organization does marketing to bring in charges; however, not all leads convert to sales. To avoid waste of time on unyielding principals, businesses often use online sales funnel software to generate genuine and impactful leads. 

If you are wondering how to create a sales funnel and what are the best sales funnel builders (free or paid). In this article today, we will discuss the funnels and the different funnel-building software that can help you create funnels for your businesses.

What is funnel builder software?

Funnel builder software is software that helps you in the creation of an efficient sales funnel. It helps understand your customer’s journey in different parts of the interaction process. This overall gives you a projection of where you lose your customers and where they are the most interested. Some of the best sales funnel builder software can ensure that you are connected to the right buyers.

Key elements in funnel building:

The process of funnel building can be broken down into four key elements. The key elements are explained below:


In order for the whole process to start, customers need to know about your existence. They need to be aware of the products and services that you offer. 


Not all the customers that have browsed your website will subscribe to the newsletter or follow your social media handle. Customers who are interested and have a probability of buying from you will be the ones to reach out for more information.


This is the third stage, where the customer is interested in your product but might have other alternatives. It is a deciding stage where either the customer will buy from you. 


If the customers find your product desirable, they will purchase or will want to use your service. Since the lead gets converted to sales here, the funnel stops here.

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Types of Funnel Building:

Thanks to innovation and digitalization, there is more than one type of funnel that you can use for your business. Below are the six most commonly used funnels.

Email Funnel:

In the email funnel, prospective customers are sent promotional emails. First, email ids are scoured from various sources. Then email with ad campaigns are sent. A call to action is provided in the email that customers can use to get in touch. If the emailer interests the customer, the customer can simply click on a button and become a potential lead. This is possible as he is already aware of the product via email.

Video Funnel:

In this funnel, customers are attracted to interesting videos that enlist why customers need a specific product or service. Social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram can be used for this funnel. You can mention email IDs or websites where customers can go for more details about your products. This funnel is extremely helpful for online sales funnel builders.

Webinar Funnel: 

A webinar funnel utilizes customer information that customers willingly provide when registering for a webinar or attending a webinar. This information can be converted into leads. These leads can be worked upon and converted into sales. There is a higher potential when it comes to transforming a lead obtained from a webinar funnel.

Lead Magnet Funnel:

As part of the lead magnet funnel, customers are provided with a useful resource if they fill a simple form. This form gathers their contact information and can be used to create a good database. As customers have willingly given their details in exchange for some resource like a freebie, the recall value is higher, increasing the chance of conversion.

Live Demo Funnel:

The live Demo funnel works as the customers can see how the products work directly in the demo. It also eliminates the possible doubts that can make a customer conscious and thus not purchase from you. Only highly potential customers will sign up for a live demo. This increases the probability of a lead being converted into sales.

Landing Page Funnel:

There are several ways to get a customer to visit your website, like an email or chat link. However, to convert into a potential lead, it is essential to have an interesting and interactive webpage. For the landing page funnel to work, you need to ensure that the content on the landing page is catchy with a strong CTA. 

What is the Best Sales Funnel Builder Software?

Your search for the best funnel builder software is now over. Read further to find the 10 software that is currently leading in the market and which guarantee the best features. 


Clickfunnels is considered the best sales funnel builder software out there and operates in the process of making interested visitors into satisfied customers that pay for your services. This is made possible with high-quality features that make it a competitive choice in the current market. It makes the most of the drag-and-drop designer as well as the split A/B testing. What is even better is the free trial that does not require you to enter your credit card information if you are willing to experiment. It is also trusted by hundreds of verified users that have seen feasible results. 


  • Works for various business types
  • High traction potential
  • Suited to everyone, even without skills
  • Cancellable anytime
  • Tried and tested funnel templates
  • A/B split testing


  • Basic Plan- For $127 per month, includes 20 funnels, an admin user, a domain, 3 courses, 1,000 students, 10,000 contacts, unlimited workflow, unlimited pages & products, unlimited email sequences, and basic analytics.
  • Pro Plan- For $157 per month, includes everything in the basic plan, 100 funnels, 5 admin users, 3 domains, 15 courses, 10,000 students, 25,000 contacts, an affiliate program, API access, and ShareFunnels. 
  • Funnel Hacker Plan- For $208 per month, includes everything in the pro plan, unlimited funnels, 9 domains, 200 courses, 20,000 students, and advanced analytics.


Unbounce makes use of two easy-to-use and optimized builders that make designing a landing page much better; these are the classic builder and the smart builder. With the help of smart features, Unbounce lets you do the work in half the time than before. You can design a landing page down to the minutest detail, which is the cherry on top. Even when you are not well versed with codes, you can integrate with apps like PayPal and Shopify to boost the traction rate. 


  • Website optimization
  • 2 easy-to-use builders
  • Wide range of tools
  • Specific landing pages
  • Smart features
  • Proven better results
  • Fast building


  • Launch Plan- For $99 per month, get unlimited landing pages, unlimited sticky bars, unlimited popups, AI copywriting, 500 conversions, 20,000 visitors, and one domain.
  • Optimize Plan- For $145 per month, get everything in the launch plan, 1,000 conversions, 30,000 visitors, and 5 domains, 
  • Accelerate Plan- For $240 per month, get everything in the optimized plan, 2,500 conversions, 50,000 visitors, and 10 domains.
  • Concierge Plan- For $625 per month, get everything in the accelerated plan, 5,000 conversions, over 100,000 visitors, over 25 domains, and a dedicated success manager.


With a hassle-free interface, Kajabi gives tough competition to its counterparts in the market. It has an instant builder that gets your page up and running within a few minutes of designing. All this is made possible with impressive AI-powered tools that streamline design processes. Kajabi is an online sales funnel builder that integrates all aspects of your business offerings into one place, which makes your customer’s browsing convenient. 


  • Instant landing page builder
  • Anyone can use
  • Wide range of templates
  • AI-powered tools
  • Intuitive designing


  • Basic Plan- For $149 per month, get 3 products, 3 funnels, unlimited landing pages, unlimited landing pages, unlimited marketing emails, 10,000 contacts, 1,000 active customers, one website, and an admin user. 
  • Growth Plan- For $199 per month, get everything in the basic plan, 15 products, 15 funnels, 25,000 contacts, 10,000 active customers, 10 admin users, an affiliate program, and advanced automation. 
  • Pro Plan- For $399 per month, get everything from the growth plan, 100 funnels, 100 products, 20,000 active customers, 3 websites, 25 admin users, and a custom code editor.


Leadpages takes pride in delivering impressive traction for aspiring businesses so they get happy customers faster. Leadpages is trusted by over 40,000 small businesses that are able to achieve the desired traction through their easy and quick-delivering features for building landing pages and websites. Creators can also benefit largely in getting traction, selling products, and raising campaigns with the help of Leadpages. 


  • High lead generation abilities
  • Easy builders
  • Real-time tracking
  • Split tests
  • Trusted results
  • Excellent for creators


  • Standard Plan- For $49 per month, includes one site, AI engine, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, unlimited traffic, free hosting, mobile templates, and lead notifications.
  • Pro Plan- For $99 per month, includes everything in the standard plan, 3 sites, online sales & payments, and unlimited A/B split testing. 


A very good reason behind Systeme.io’s success is its use of advanced but easy-to-use tools that make its competitors seem off-limits. With ease comes hassle-free lead generation and sales funnel creation, which are the forte of System.io. Not just that, they also offer email marketing that makes a positive impact on business growth. With a website designer that proves to be your best companion in every detail, System.io sets the standard for one of the best services out there.


  • Hassle-free website building
  • Affordable plans
  • Competitive services
  • Lead generation
  • Impressive sales funnels


  • Free Plan- Includes 2,000 contacts, unlimited emails, 3 sales funnels, one blog, one course, unlimited students, and one A/B test. 
  • Startup Plan- For $27 per month, includes everything in the free plan, 5,000 contacts, 10 sales funnels, 5 blogs, 5 courses, 5 workflows, and 10 A/B tests.
  • Webinar Plan- For $47 per month, includes 10,000 contacts, 50 sales funnels, 20 blogs, 20 courses, 100 automation rules, 50 coupon codes, and 50 A/B tests. 
  • Unlimited Plan- For $97 per month, get everything unlimited.


Instapage helps you make landing pages that are customized according to your and your customers’ tastes, ones that know no limits and can reach a larger audience at once. Renowned names like Honey, Vimeo, MasterClass, Gartner, Hello Fresh, and several others trust Instapage with intuitive experimentation and growth tools. With their latest AI content generator, you can get things done much faster as well. 


  • Diverse landing pages
  • AI content generation
  • Experimentation
  • Growth tools
  • Timely reporting


  • Build Plan- For $199 per month, get one landing page builder, no conversion limits, unlimited domains, server-side A/B testing, AI content, Real-time visual collaboration, Instablocks, and Thor Render Engine.

Convert Plan- At a custom price, get everything in the build plan, editable global blocks, ad-to-page customization, custom fonts, heatmaps, audit logs, custom feature implementation, and conversion consulting.


Landingi aims to help you create perfect landing pages that attract loyal customers that will grow your reach. With their beautiful designs that are marvelous down to the pixel and focus on imagery, you will be sure to get better traffic and revenue prospects. Leading brands are able to grow their businesses with the help of Landingi; these are Sony Music, Booksy, Dekra, Market Logic, Credit Agricole, Voxie, and more. 


  • Beautiful, intuitive designs
  • Trusted by known brands
  • Use of rich imagery
  • Better growth prospects
  • Faster creation
  • Trustworthy support team


  • Lite Plan- For $29 per month, includes all integrations, 10 digital assets, unlimited conversions, 5,000 visits a month, and one custom domain.
  • Professional Plan- For $49 per month, includes everything from the lite plan, unlimited digital assets, 50,000 visits a month, and 10 custom domains.
  • Agency Plan- For $149 per month, it includes everything from the professional plan, 20 custom domains, audit log records, unlimited subaccounts, and a certified agency partner. 
  • Unlimited Plan- For $1000 per month, it includes everything from the agency plan, unlimited traffic, 100 connected domains, audit log records, domain whitelisting, reverse proxy publishing, custom development, and a lead generation expert.


Kartra aims at creating websites and landing pages that incorporate relevant videos, tags, and email marketing that drives visitors into becoming loyal, spending customers. Kartra also boasts giving tough competition to Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Infusionsoft, and Active Campaign. They also have a campaign marketplace where you can sell your marketing ideas. This lets you earn an extra income for your ideas.


  • Use of email marketing
  • Videos on landing pages
  • Advanced sales funnels
  • Autopilot functioning
  • Campaign marketplace


  • Starter Plan- For $119 per month, get 2,500 leads, one custom domain, 15,000 emails, 2 membership sites, a funnel mapper, and one additional team member.
  • Silver Plan- For $229 per month, get everything from the starter plan but unlimited, up to 12,500, 3 custom domains, Kartra Agency, and funnel simulators.
  • Gold Plan- For $339 per month, get everything from the silver plan, up to 25,000 leads, 5 custom domains, and Kartra Agency.
  • Platinum Plan- For $549 per month, get everything from the gold plan but unlimited, up to 50,000 leads and 10 custom domains.


One of the more affordable options when it comes to the best funnel-building software is GrooveFunnels a.k.a Groove.cm. It is an all-in-one platform that helps in creating and managing different aspects of business, like sales funnels, digital products, and websites. It is a user-friendly software that can help you to engage more customers and convert them into sales effortlessly.


  • Sales funnels utilizing
  • Customer relationship management tools
  • Course building creation
  • Membership portal creation
  • Affiliate management


  • Startup Plan – Free of cost for one year. Post one year, $39.99 for one month. 500 contacts, 1 custom domain, 1 membership site, 5% platform fees, and 2500 emails per month.
  • Creator Plan – Semi-annual plan costing $79.99 per month. No platform fees, 3 membership sites, unlimited domain, 5000 contacts, and 50,000 email sends per month.
  • Pro Plan – Costing $299 per month. No platform fees, unlimited membership site, unlimited domain, unlimited email sends, and 30,000 contacts.
  • Premium Plan – Costing $399 per month. No platform fees, unlimited membership site, unlimited domain, unlimited email sends, and 100,000 contacts.


ConvertFlow is yet another online sales funnel builder that can help boost your business and keep operations organized. It is an all-in-one platform that is suitable for any e-commerce platform. It is simple, impactful, and maximizes revenue at a good scale. All the conversion pages are in one dashboard for easy understanding and reporting.


  • Create quizzes, surveys, popups, and forms without coding.
  • Email and SMS list growth
  • E-commerce landing pages
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Campaign management


  • Free Plan – 5 funnels, Upto 1,000 views per month, Landing pages, Quiz Funnel, and 300+ templates
  • Launch Plan – $99 per month, Unlimited admin users, 30,000 views per month, and unlimited campaign & pages, and much more.
  • Pro Plan – $300 per month, Unlimited admin users, 100,000 views per month, and unlimited campaigns & pages, and much more.
  • Scale Plan – $600 per month, Unlimited admin users, 300,000 views per month, and unlimited campaigns & pages, and much more.
  • Autopilot Plan – Can be customized as per need.

Which is the Best Funnel Builder Software in 2023?

SoftwareFeaturesKey Highlights
ClickfunnelsFor various business types
Higher traction potential
Suited to everyone
Plans that suit each business type for higher traction, growth, and other prospects.
UnbounceWebsite optimization
Builders that are easy to use
Lots of tools
Website builders that help you gain traction and get started with no apparent skills.
KajabiRapid landing page builder
Easy for everyone
Lots of templates
Competitive landing page building tools that make use of the best features and optimized templates.
LeadpagesGreat lead generation abilities
Hassle-free builders
Instant tracking

Lead generation potential is made possible through easy builders and tracking. 

Systeme.ioEasy website building
Affordable range of plans
Competitive services
Affordable services that do not compromise quality and uncomplicated website building.
InstapageVarious landing pages
AI content generator
Experimentation potential
Use of intensive AI to generate web content for various landing pages.
LandingiIntuitive designs
Trusted by popular brands
Rich imagery on landing pages
Widely trusted service that ensures the use of rich imagery on landing pages to attract loyal customers.
KartraEmail marketing
Videos used landing pages
Progressive sales funnels
Advanced email marketing and sales funnel generation capabilities that further business growth.
GroovefunnelsCourse building creation
Membership portal creation
Affiliate management
All-in-one tool for complete optimization and the best results facilitating a business drastically.
ConvertflowEmail and SMS list growth
Product recommendations
E-commerce landing pages
A powerful builder with amazing tools to enhance your sales by a great margin.
A brief comparison of top sales funnel builder and their features & pricing:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do funnels really enhance a business’s growth?

Yes, funnels are extremely useful tools as they can help a business to focus on the most potent customer.

Which funnel has the maximum reach?

Webinar funnel and live demo funnel tend to have a maximum reach as customers can see and review the product on a real-time basis.

Why is social media the best platform for a video funnel?

Social media is used by every individual today and hence is a great place to create awareness about your brand. Video funnel on social media platforms is henceforth a great approach.

Which funnel-building software is the best?

ClickFunnel, Leadpages, Instapage, and Groovefunnel are some of the top-rated funnel-building software that offers a plethora of features at attractive pricing. Hence, it is one of the best in the market.

Is it rewarding to invest in funnel-building software?

Yes, funnel-building software comes in packages that can help you to convert more leads into sales. They also help in generating new potential leads.

Conclusion on Best Sales Funnel Software Tools:

Funnels are a smart way to focus your attention and resources on the most promising client. Utilizing funnel-building software can help a business determine where they are lacking and which part of the interaction flow needs work. This overall will increase productivity and profit.

Selecting the best sales funnel builder is crucial for maximizing business growth and conversions. To make the ideal choice by focusing on key factors such as user-friendliness, flexibility, integration capabilities, and customer support. A comprehensive analysis of the best sales funnel software will help identify the platform that aligns with your specific needs and objectives. Remember to consider scalability and future requirements to ensure the chosen sales funnel builder accommodates business expansion. By making a well-informed decision, you can empower your team to create effective sales funnels, optimize lead generation, and ultimately drive sustainable success for your business.

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