Best VPN for FireStick [Free & Paid] in 2023

Ever since its launch in 2014, the Amazon FireStick has become an important benchmark in streaming. Giving tough competition to regular TV and cable connections, FireStick lets you watch all the content of your liking across various streaming platforms and services. With each update and installation, it has become a highly preferred way to make your TV and entertainment experience smarter. Here, I’m sharing with you the best VPN for FireStick that actually works and keep your data safe while accessing unwanted websites.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is the technology of establishing an even more secure and encrypted connection over the internet so you can browse, surf, stream, and do a lot more peacefully. With enhanced privacy, it maintains your anonymity over the internet as well. This way, you are safe from potential hackers, unnecessary monitoring, and interference.

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Setting up a VPN for when you use your Amazon FireStick is an important thing for several reasons. This is an ultimate guide to the best VPN for FireStick that will help you realize the various features you can realize once you have established a secure connection, the risk involved in a VPN-free connection, and the best VPN picks for your Amazon FireStick. 

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Best VPN for Streaming in 2023

To quick pick, here is a list of the top 5 VPN for FireStickg in 2023

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best vpn for firestick

Get To Know About The Features Of Amazon FireStick:

The FireStick is a USB-like device that connects to your TV’s HDMI port. It operates on Android but is also integrated with the ecosystem of Amazon. Your regular TV can be made into a smart TV with the help of Amazon FireStick. You can now browse and play through content from Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and so much more.

The Amazon FireStick is a wonderful streaming device that turns regular TVs into Smart TVs in no time. To connect your TV with a FireStick, you just need to plug in the device. When you turn the TV on, you will have to connect it to a working Wi-Fi network and follow the onscreen instructions. Connecting it to the best VPN for Fire TV will yield even better results.

FireStick has had various updates that have made it better with time. It has a huge range of features that you cannot resist; here are a few of them.

Vast Media Library:

As mentioned earlier, Amazon FireStick supports streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and much more. You can watch anything you want across these services all in one place. The vast media library of FireStick will keep you entertained for the longest time. However, the availability of content may depend on your geographical location.

Alexa Voice Control:

Since FireStick is integrated with the Amazon Ecosystem, you can use Alexa’s voice controls to play shows and movies of your choice, control playback, pause and play, and much more. This makes entertainment a seamless process.

Good Storage:

FireStick has decent storage for all of your apps and games. It performs smoothly under most circumstances, giving you a flawless streaming experience.

Amazon Appstore:

With the support of the Amazon Appstore, you can download supported applications and use them directly on your TV. Enjoy your favourite apps and games right from your television.

Screen Mirroring:

If you like to watch your stuff on a bigger screen, you can always mirror the screen from a tablet, PC, smartphone, or any other device that supports casting.

Parental Controls:

With a wide variety of content available on streaming platforms, parents can put parental controls over the content on FireStick that is rated for ages above 18 so their children can enjoy age-appropriate content without any risk of wrong exposure.

What Are The Risks Involved With Using Amazon FireStick Without A VPN?

We do not recommend a VPN setup for your Amazon FireStick experience without reason. There are various reasons and risks associated with this. Here are the primary risks that can run loose if you do not use the best VPN FireStick.

Privacy Issues:

A connection without a VPN is most prone to privacy issues. Your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have full access to your activity when you are not using the best VPN for Fire TV. All of your online activities, from the movies you stream to the websites you visit, are exposed for them to see. To protect yourself from unnecessary monitoring and be safe than sorry, a VPN will go a long way.

Public Wi-Fi Risks:

Public Wi-Fi is among the top reasons for the invasion of personal data from devices. If you are using your FireStick in a place where you get public Wi-Fi, it is important to connect to the best VPN for Amazon Fire Stick. This will ensure a safe streaming experience no matter where you go.

Geo-restrictions On Content Access:

Geo-restrictions on content across the globe are a common thing. Shows from Netflix Japan are least likely to be available on or shown on Netflix US. This prevents you from being able to watch the content you would like. You can eradicate this barrier with the help of a VPN. Connecting to a suitable country’s best VPN for Fire TV means you also get safe access to all the good, diverse content without changing anything.

ISP Throttling:

There is always the chance of your ISP throttling your connection when you are streaming for too long or too much content. This is a common problem at times and can be easily resolved with VPN, where you no longer have to worry about this interference.

Cyber Attacks And Malware:

It is common knowledge that connections with exposed information and credentials are most likely to be the victims of cyber attacks and malware. In case you are being tracked by hackers and snoops online, there is a great chance they will succeed with their malicious attempts and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) unless you have a safer shield connection to a good server.

Online Tracking:

Online tracking is a common thing present in browsers and other domains that keep a check on your activity and show you content as well as ads related to that. This can be rather uncomfortable for most of us. To prevent this, use a VPN connection at all times.

IP Address Exposure:

Last but not least, an unsafe connection means your IP address is exposed to dangerous entities across the internet. In the wrong hands, it can even expose sensitive and private information to hackers. A VPN protects you against any such anomaly.

How Does VPN Make Using The FireStick Better?

When you use the best VPN for FireStick, you unlock a great number of advantages that boost your streaming experience. Here are the benefits of using a VPN that simply make your FireStick better to use-

Additional Security:

VPN adds an additional layer of security to your connection. This saves you from unnecessary monitoring of internet service providers, hackers, and other prying people. You can now browse and stream your favorite content without the fear of being tracked or inspected.

No Geo-restrictions:

The content available on streaming platforms varies from one geographical area to another. Connecting to the VPN server of another country will let you watch culturally and regionally diverse content while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Zero Throttling:

Best VPN FireStick prevents your ISPs from throttling the connection when you are streaming content for too long. Enjoy longer streaming hours, diverse playback, and much more when you use a good VPN for your FireStick.

Zero Blackouts:

Catching up on that live match? They can be understandably interrupted by severe overload in your area. By switching to a VPN connection in a server outside the region that is experiencing the blackout, you can watch uninterrupted live streams and matches without problems.

Safety With Public Wi-Fi Connections:

As mentioned earlier, public Wi-Fi can be quite risky for your devices and connections. A VPN connection for your FireStick will help you use the connection the most without any risk.

Anonymous Surfing And Streaming:

VPN is your best friend when you wish to surf, stream, and browse without getting tracked by cookies. Use your FireStick anonymously and watch hours of entertainment with a reliable VPN connection.

How Can You Install VPN on FireStick?

If you are now wondering how to install VPN on FireStick, you need to follow some simple steps.

  • Find a VPN service you want and sign up for it.
  • Find this service’s apps on the Amazon Appstore.
  • Install this app and run it.
  • Launch this app
  • Login to your account by adding credentials
  • Connect to the desired server and wait for it to connect.
  • Once it is connected, you can go back to surfing and streaming your favorite content.
  • Choose “auto-connect on startup” in the settings.

Top 5 Best VPNs For Amazon FireStick:


CyberGhost VPN appears as an effective partner in the ever-changing world of online security and content reach, and its ability to work with FireStick delivers a variety of specific features to improve the way you watch and consume content. CyberGhost VPN is a great option for FireStick users because it is made to offer privacy, security, and unrestricted access to content. CyberGhost’s features connect with FireStick without a hitch to revolutionize how you watch streaming content.


User-Friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface of CyberGhost makes it easier to navigate the VPN’s functionality and features on a TV screen than it may otherwise be. The customized FireStick app offers a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it simple for individuals to establish a connection to their chosen server infrastructure, view geo-restricted material, and guarantee the privacy of their online activity.

Avail of Geo-Restricted Content: Users of the FireStick can easily get around geographic limitations thanks to CyberGhost’s extensive server network that spans many nations. Consumers may utilize video streaming services and material that would otherwise be inaccessible owing to geographic restrictions through connections to servers in other areas. You may watch a wide variety of episodes, movies, and live events thanks to this feature, which helps provide a diverse array of alternatives for entertainment.

Bypass ISP Throttling: A VPN like CyberGhost can combat your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) deliberate reduction in the speed of your internet connection. ISP throttling, sometimes referred to as bandwidth throttling, happens because your ISP purposefully slows down some forms of internet traffic. In order to organize a congested network or give other tasks priority when you use FireStick to stream material, your ISP could recognize and delay the transmission speed of data packets connected to streaming services. This is prevented by CyberGhost through encrypted traffic and its anonymous data system.

Optimized Servers: For FireStick customers hoping to improve their streaming experience, CyberGhost VPN’s optimized server function is especially important. A great viewing experience requires constant video quality and minimal buffering while streaming content on a FireStick. Subscribers of Amazon FireStick frequently experience buffering problems or choppy playback as a result of a number of issues, such as network congestion, bandwidth caps, and ISP throttling. CyberGhost carefully plans its optimized servers to minimize these problems and give viewers a more uninterrupted and intuitive viewing experience.

24/7 Customer Service: Making full use of all the features offered by a VPN service can be a tricky affair. Not all people are equally adept at using technological tools and, therefore, may require additional assistance besides the usual manuals and guidelines. On your streaming journey, CyberGhost’s round-the-clock customer assistance makes sure you’re never alone. Their expert support staff is accessible to help you troubleshoot and address any concerns if you run into any problems or require answers to any queries.

Private Internet Access:

Private Internet Access (PIA) stands out as a dependable VPN solution in the constantly changing world of online security and entertainment, perfectly integrating with Amazon FireStick to give a variety of features that improve your streaming adventures. With a reputation for upholding users’ rights to privacy, security, and unrestricted access to internet information, PIA offers a comprehensive selection of services designed to change the way you stream entertainment on your FireStick completely.


  • Easy-to-Use Interface: The PIA FireStick app has an easy-to-use UI that makes navigating and configuring it a pleasure, even for tech novices. Even those who are not familiar with VPN technology will find it simple to connect to PIA’s servers, choose the best locations, and guarantee an uninterrupted streaming environment. You no longer have to worry about connection problems or tricky lists of options and can indulge in your content streaming free of any worries.
  • Geo-Restricted Content Unlocked: The potential of PIA to transcend geographical boundaries is one of its distinguishing qualities. Users with FireStick devices can easily get around geo-restrictions that frequently prevent access to their preferred streaming material by connecting to PIA’s wide network of servers located all over the world. By utilizing this feature, your FireStick becomes a portal to an endless variety of amusement, allowing you to stream an endless variety of shows, movies, and live events.
  • Strong Security and Privacy Measures: PIA, through all its functions and features, has always been endlessly dedicated to improving privacy and security, and this commitment extends to FireStick streaming. Without the protective shield of PIA’s security encryptions and data breach prevention systems, your personal data could be vulnerable to malicious threats and intents. Your online actions are, however, hidden from third-party scrutiny thanks to PIA’s encryption of your internet connection, which also ensures the privacy of your streaming preferences. When using public Wi-Fi networks, where there is a high risk of data interception and malicious activity, this feature becomes very important.
  • Policy of Zero-Logging: The fact that PIA upholds a zero-logging policy demonstrates its commitment to user privacy. Its FireStick program is covered by this policy, which makes certain that your online streaming activities generate no electronic trail. You may enjoy your favorite shows with PIA without worrying about your video streaming activity being monitored or linked to you.
  • Connections for Multiple Devices at Once: Private Internet Access (PIA) improves your streaming experience on various devices in addition to the Amazon FireStick. You can benefit from the simplicity of concurrent device connections with PIA, making it possible to expedite as well as safeguard your FireStick viewing while also protecting any additional devices. You can extend PIA’s protective shell beyond FireStick thanks to its ability to support numerous connected devices simultaneously. While watching streaming content on a FireStick, you may protect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. For people who are constantly on the go and for homes with numerous gadgets, this function is very useful.


Windscribe is the best VPN for FireStick, with its focus on unblocking entertainment content. You no longer have to worry about troublesome ads during streaming. Prevent cookies from tracking you and giving you targeted ads at the end. Become an anonymous streamer with high-quality encryption that is free from external interference of hackers and ISPs. You no longer have to restrict your entertainment to just your country, region, or server. With various servers to switch between, you can access shows, movies, apps, and games from across the world.


  • Unblocks entertainment content– Windscribe has a good focus on giving you unblocked entertainment access. This means you can have a safe and secure connection while you enjoy hours of entertainment. Get access to more entertainment with various server connections enabled.
  • Web Activity Encryption– All that you do on your FireStick, whichever platform you use, and whatever app you use, Windscribe keeps your browsing safe from all external interference. Your entertainment is end-to-end encrypted in layers of security so that the experience becomes personal to you.
  • Ad Blocker– Get rid of annoying ads when you use Windscribe to have a hassle-free streaming process. Save yourself from specifically targeted ads that only disrupt your attention and screen time.
  • Lifts geo-restrictions– No matter where you live, the content you watch can transcend geographical boundaries with the help of zero geo-restrictions on Windscribe. Watch anything by switching between servers.
  • Keeps browsing history safe– Lastly, your browsing history will go into the grave with you. It cannot be accessed by anyone, including people around you or your internet service providers. This way, you are safe from all intrusions.


Ivacy is a highly impressive VPN service that allows you to make the most of internet surfing and streaming without unveiling your internet presence. Ivacy understands the need for a layered and shielded connection on streaming internet platforms that are most vulnerable to cyber attacks, malware, and other dangerous activity. It has the capability of connecting to up to 10 devices at once, so you can have an ecosystem of protected devices. It is a highly renowned and best-reviewed VPN service meant for a service like Amazon FireStick.


  • Connects up to 10 devices– Protect up to 10 devices at once from malicious activities, ISP interference & throttling, cyber attacks, and potential hackers online with the help of powerful VPN connections as well as servers. Everything like Windows, Android, Apple, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and others can be protected with Ivacy.
  • Watch any content, from anywhere- You no longer have to stick to content available through the server of your own region. Get access to content across geographical regions and countries by seamlessly switching between servers.
  • Hide online presence– Hide your online presence with Ivacy and never worry about being tracked by cookies, hackers, and ISPs. Keep your streaming interests a secret with a high-quality VPN connection that will never fail you.
  • Awarded VPN service– Ivacy is an award-winning VPN service known for its great compatibility, digital security protocols, and access potential on ProPrivacy. It has been positively reviewed over 1500 times on TrustPilot.


NordVPN is one of the best VPN firesticks to get when you wish to stream without interruptions. When using it, you need not worry about your data or security being breached. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, NordVPN helps you secure your digital presence as soon as the connection is made. It has thousands of servers across dozens of countries that help you establish a secure connection within mere seconds. Now you can stream content and play games through your Amazon FireStick without any external disturbance. NordVPN has also proven effective in comparison with other prominent VPN providers.


  • Blocks ads- Get rid of ads with NordVPN while you stream your favorite shows and movies. Prevent any targeted ads from various services online as well.
  • Quality malware protection– NordVPN has one of the most advanced malware protection features in VPN connections. It keeps you safe from threats across the web in the form of harmful connections and files.
  • Blocks tracking– No one can track your activity while you stream or surf using NordVPN, be it ISPs, hackers, or any third-party entity. Your streaming is up to you and remains exclusive to you.
  • Several servers across various countries– NordVPN has over 5700 servers across 60+ countries that establish faster and more secure connections for those looking to have a smooth streaming experience.
  • Impressive connection speeds– The connection speed of NordVPN can only be defined as a great blazing one that helps you set up a VPN connection in just a few seconds so you can enjoy the features of your Amazon FireStick fully.
  • Unlimited bandwidth– NordVPN also has impressive bandwidth, which lets you enjoy seamless and smooth streaming all the time throughout the year.


SurfShark is an impressive VPN provider that guarantees only the most advanced features for web surfing, browsing, and streaming on platforms like Amazon FireStick. It has various servers across 100 countries to help you get the best of everywhere, be it for streaming or shopping. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied with the service. They also offer 24×7 customer support as well as blazing speeds all year around. SurfShark is a multipurpose VPN that lets you surf the internet without tracking concerns, stream your favorite shows without geographical bounds, and shop with the lowest prices on the web.


No cookies, trackers, or ads– SurfShark makes sure that nothing such as a cookie, hacker, tracker, or ad can interrupt your internet experience. Your activities online are shielded from the outside world with the help of a secure connection only you can manage.
10 GBit servers across the world– SurfShark has 3200+ 10 GBit servers across 100 countries. They allow you to switch when you wish to stream various content across regions on your Amazon FireStick.
Positive Reviews– SurfShark has a lot of reviews from satisfied clients who are able to make the most out of their web streaming experience with fast connections.
Safety in public Wi-Fi- Public– Wi-Fi can be a potential source of hacking, malware, and other cyber attacks. SurfShark shields you from all potential damages present in such a connection so you surf safely.
Smart shopping with server change– SurfShark allows you to switch between servers across the world, so you can shop through one that shows the best and cheapest prices.
User-friendly subscription packages– SurfShark presents you with user-friendly and family packages that are inclusive to all of your connection needs.

Atlas VPN:

Atlas VPN is another one of the best VPN for Amazon FireStick. It has a strict no-logs system that restricts any storage of data regarding the user’s online activity, be it streaming or surfing. You can now enjoy streaming your favourite content without any worry of unwanted intrusions. It has AES-256 encryption which allows it to safeguard user data with the utmost security standards. Switch through various servers across the world to make the most of securely established connections that give you access to content you would not normally get with a simple Wi-Fi connectivity.


MultiHop servers– With the help of Atlas VPN’s MultiHop servers, you can switch between various servers simultaneously for various purposes, such as bookings, shopping, and streaming. This keeps you safe with an additional layer of privacy.
SafeBrowse mode– The SafeBrowse mode restricts advertising, marketing, and other services from collecting your browsing data through cookies. As a result of this, you also do not get specifically targeted ads that indicate a tracking cookie.
Split tunneling– This feature helps users split the traffic of the internet between devices that can operate upon the ISPs and those that need VPN security at any given moment.
Tracker-free surfing– Enjoy surfing and streaming without getting your information tracked and recorded by malicious entities on the internet. Make your experience shielded from any strange attempt.
Borderless streaming potential– Make the most of your Amazon FireStick with the borderless streaming potential of Atlas VPN, made possible through thousands of servers from various regions across the world. Enjoy quality content from streaming platforms of other countries without going anywhere.


What Can Amazon FireStick do?

The Amazon FireStick can help you stream shows, series, and movies from across platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, and others. It also lets you download apps and games.

Do I need VPN to run FireStick?

While FireStick can run without a VPN connection, it is always recommended to run it on a VPN to watch worldwide content and avoid malware problems.

What streaming platforms does FireStick support?

Amazon FireStick supports Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and other prominent streaming platforms.

What does a VPN do?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) secures your connection through an additional layer of protection. With a VPN, you can connect to another server across the world, hide your internet activity, and prevent cyber attacks.

Can I use FireStick without any VPN?

Yes, you can use FireStick without any VPN. However, it is advised not to because of the risk of cyber-attacks and activity tracking.

Conclusion: Best VPN for Firestick

VPN is an important part of any streaming process, not just on Amazon FireStick. We covered everything from the features of Amazon FireStick to how to install VPN on FireStick and the risks of not using a VPN to the best VPN available for FireStick. With the above-mentioned products, you can safeguard your streaming experience without any issues.

In the realm of online security and content access, selecting the right VPN for your Firestick is paramount. After careful analysis of various options, we’ve highlighted the best VPN for Firestick that seamlessly integrates with Firestick, ensuring your digital journey is both private and versatile. From unblocking geo-restricted content to safeguarding your data on public networks, these top-tier VPNs, namely CyberGhost VPN, Nord VPN, and Private Internet Access (PIA), offer exceptional performance, user-friendly interfaces, and robust encryption protocols. Whether it’s streaming, gaming, or simply browsing, the chosen VPN should effortlessly enhance your Firestick experience. Prioritize your online privacy and unrestricted exploration by making an informed choice from our recommended VPNs – a small investment that guarantees a world of digital possibilities.

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